How To: Setup a Mail account in iOS

Note: the instructions below are for manual setup. For fast setup instructions using configuration profiles click here.

Follow the steps below to setup your email account on an iOS device. Please note: examples provided here are written for iOS 10 on iPhone. If you have a newer version or different iOS device the steps are the same.

1. From your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch menu tap the Settings icon.

iOS Settings Icon


2. Scroll down and then tap Accounts & Passwords. Note: in older versions of iOS this option may be named Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

3. Tap Add Account...

Step 2

4. Tap Other.

5. Tap Add Mail Account...


6. Enter your Name and Email Address. The Description will be filled in automatically, but can changed to whatever you wish.

7.  Under the heading Incoming Mail Server enter the following information:

Host Name: "".
User Name: your full email address (eg. "")
Password: your email password (as provided when your account was setup, if unsure contact support).

8. Under the heading Outgoing Mail Server enter the following information:

Host Name: "".
User Name: your full email address (eg. "")
Password: your email password (as provided when your account was setup, if unsure contact support).

Once you have entered all your details tap Next. The device will check the settings are correct before proceeding.


9. Once verification is complete finish the setup by tapping Save.

10. Return to your home screen and tap the Mail icon to launch mail. To confirm your new account is working correctly, send a test message back to youreself. If the test message arrives your settings are correct and setup is completed. 

If you are experiencing problems sending or reciving mail, please contact support for further assistance.


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