Email Outage Outage
Priority - Critical Affecting Other - Email

Update: most services have now been restored. 

Note that some incoming email may be delayed by several hours.

If you are still having issues preventing access to mail, please call 02 4915 6566 for assistance.

We really appreciate your patience. We know this is a big disruption to your business and we've got all hands on deck for this. We've isolated the problem and are working on bringing the service back online.

Currently we're experiencing an email service outage, due to an issue with an upstream provider. Our team is working very hard to get services back online.

You can open a ticket here to notify us of your outage: Open Ticket, you can also view our online email support here.

Server Status

Below is a real-time overview of our servers where you can check if there's any known issues.

Server Name HTTP FTP POP3 PHP Info Server Load Uptime
Lightdrive SYD01
PHP Info
Lightdrive SYD02
PHP Info
Lightdrive SYD04
PHP Info